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This is also reflected in the actual style of each Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud gets to the halacha by arguing each point back and fourth (like someone in a dark room touching every wall trying to find the door). On the other hand the Yerushalmi Talmud is more direct pretty much just stating to the halacha (like a person in a well light room going directly ...


R' Yochanan and R' Yirmiyah both lived long before either Talmud was completed. According to R' Aryeh Carmell's "Aiding Talmud Study", R' Yochanan flourished around 250 CE and R' Yirmiyah around 330 CE. The Jerusalem Talmud was completed around 360 CE. At that time, the Byzantine empire converted to Christianity, leading to the persecution of the ...


Jewish History in Daf Yomi is a series of bite-sized lectures related to the Daf, delivered daily by renowned Jewish History expert, Dr. Henry Abramson.


Besides Dov's impressive list, I highly recommend Daf HaChaim. It's a shiur on every daf, with useful diagrams and very clear explanations. Regarding your concern about not knowing where on the page the shiur is holding, the site has a visual image of the daf and shows you which piece the shiur is discussing.


Firstly hatzlocho on this very worthwhile endeavour! There are a wealth of resources online which collectively can provide anything from a basic translation to a more in-depth review and more. I am not sure if there is one website in isolation that will give you everything you want but you may want to peruse the following options below to see what works best ...

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