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Will the real Shas Kattan please stand up

Before you scroll down, here's a challenge: according to my research, there's only a single tractate in Talmud Bavli that cites all 62 other tractates of Shas. Can you guess which one it is? So... ...
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Seeking a cross reference between the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds

In time order we have: 1) ספר ללאת published in 5626 by Rabbi Meir Mairim Shafit is available here and here. 2) The יפה עינים by Rabbi Aryeh Leib Yellin that appears after masechtos in the Vilna Shas (...
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Talmud Yerushalmi vs Bavli

The following is one approach as to why our practice (for the most part) follows the Bavli over the Yerushalmi. Those practicing current, normative Judaism today are, in general, the inheritors and ...
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What is the source from the Gemara that you should kill a roidef before he comes to try to kill you

It's found in many places, including Sanhedrin 72a.4, Yoma 85b.4, and Berakhoth 58a.15 As Curious Yid commented, Sanhedrin 73a.2 goes over the rationale in greater detail. You can read the Mishneh ...
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What is the date of the Babylonian Talmud and how is it dated?

As noted, explicit references to the Babylonian Talmud from other texts provide an upper boundary of the early 8th century on when its compilation can be dated. The very earliest manuscript fragments ...
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Why does the Gemara often mention that certain Amoraim were asleep?

The word מְנַמְנֵם means dozing, rather than sleeping. In a long day, people may occasionally take a nap, even while the learning goes on. But the teacher here isn't fully asleep, because he is aware ...
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Why does the Gemara often mention that certain Amoraim were asleep?

B"H As mentioned in the Talmud being asleep is a "taste of death" because the soul is returned to הקב"ה while sleeping and only connected through a little "thread" to the ...
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The search for invariants

Modern science concludes that nature is always optimizing. Between two points, light takes the path it can cross in the least time. Soap bubbles form so as to minimize surface area. When an object ...
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Rashi, Yebamoth 55b:7

Rashi is explaining that one might have mistakenly thought that if one had relations with someone else’s deceased wife, he would be held guilty for committing adultery, being that she still has the ...
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What page of the Babylonian Talmud has the most words?

The answer is Berachos 32a with a whopping 864 words. If you are looking for both sides of the page, the answer is Berachos 10 with 1615 words. I used a computer program to find it.
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The Yud and Hey in creation (Isaiah 26:4)

Rashi explains it. The Yud represents the fewness of the Tzadikim, the Heh with its open bottom represents the ability to return to hashem (teshuvah) it also represents the descent prepared for the ...
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