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How did Moshe carry the Luchot down Mount Sinai?

Moshe descended walking backwards down Har Sinai, facing the cloud of Hashem. The Luchot, which weighed 40 seah, were suspended in the air slightly above each of Moshe's hands. And the two (6x6x3) ...
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Did Moses throw or drop the tablets?

The Rashbam brings down the Pirkey D'Rav Eliezer 45 who explains that when he was no longer able to carry them because they became so heavy he threw them slightly away from himself. The Chizkuni also ...
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Was every commandment on the Tablets inscribed with a different finger of G-d?

R. Ishmael is quoted in Pirke Rebbi Eliezer (ch. 48) saying (allegorically) that God used His middle finger to inscribe the commandments.
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Who wrote the second tablets, God or Moshe?

Rabbi Meir Simcha HaKohen Dvinsk, also known as the Meshech Chochmah explains that the second tablets were for the most part written by Moshe Rabbeinu himself. But, he did it the way a human being ...
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