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Shortest Amud 1st place: Bava Kama 77a has 9 words of gemara on it and is thus the shortest amud with words of gemara on it in shas. The Tosfos that fills the page is very VERY big. A close 2nd place is Yoma 56a with 12 words. Shortest Daf The Shortest Daf in shas that has words on both pages is Nedarim 45a-b which has 69 words (not including Hadran ...


The shortest amud is Nazir 33b which contains precisely zero words of gemara.


Edit: The longest section of Gemora between Mishayos in the Bomberg edition of Shas is from the first Mishna in Chelek 90a till second Mishna Chelek 107b (about 17.5 daf) The first mishna in Sanhedrin 2a- 2b till the next Mishna in the second chapter 18a is the second longest gap (16.5 daf). Pesachim 99b- 114b (14.5 daf) Bava Basra 42b- 56a (14 daf) Rosh ...


Here's the list of the longest to shortest Masechtot in the Talmud Bavli (H/T to this helpful answer) based off the amount of daf per Masechta: Bava Basra - 176 Shabbos - 157 Chullin - 142 Yevamos - 122 Pesachim - 121 Zevachim - 120 Bava Kamma - 119 Bava Metzia - 119 Sanhedrin - 113 Ketubot - 112 Menachos - 110 Eruvin - 105 Nedarim - 91 Gittin - 90 Yoma - ...

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