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Kosharot is a website dedicated to educating consumers on Kashrut issues in Israel. They publish regular updates which might be exactly what you are looking for. For an interesting podcast on the state of kashrut in Israel, see here, including R Moshe Katz who leads Kosharot as the first person being interviewed.


There are least two organizations focused on supporting women converts in Israel through the conversion process Machon Meir/Machon Ora (here and here) ITIM (here) In addition here are three serious learning institutes focused on women which might be options to study for conversion or as a source of advice to you for the best institutions to support you ...


To add to AviSch's answer, this article (Hebrew) from Tzohar has an anecdote which may shed some light on why Hanotein Teshuah was replaced soon after the establishment of the state. על הזיקה בין שתי התפילות ניתן לעמוד מסיפור אישי שמביא פרופ' דב סדן באחד ממאמריו. סדן, אחד מחשובי החוקרים של הספרות העברית והתרבות היהודית, מספר כי ביום שלאחר הכרזת המדינה ...


Halachipedia cites R Yitzhok Silver in Mishpatei Hashalom (a compendium of Hilchot Bein Adam L'Chavero) who writes explicitly "It is forbidden to say Lashon Hara about the land of Israel, its fruits, its people or any other aspect of it." And interestingly one of the examples you give in your question is quoted explicitly in the gemara as being forbidden to ...

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