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Rabbi Elazar Mayer Teitz taught on 7 Nissan in 2008 that all other fast days include both an obligation to fast & an obligation not to eat. This means that even if one has eaten for whatever reason, one may not continue eating. Taanit bechorot includes only an obligation to fast. Once one is permitted to eat at a siyum or other seudat mitzvah, one no ...


Rav Meir Mazuz in Mekor Neeman page.109 was asked this question and he answered that if one finishes one of the books(Maadah,Ahava...) then it's considered a siyum. He brings the Shu"t HaRashbash siman 52 that one who learns halchos from the Rambam every single day is muvtach that he is a ben olam habaah.

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