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Why don't islands read the m'gila two days?

I gave a Shiur on this last year. Here is my summary of the reasons to be lenient. Much of this is based on a piece in קובץ פרי תמרים אדר תשמ"ז by Rav Ezriel Kahn. (Its also worth looking up the תשובה ...
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Skip Tachanun on the Sunday of Purim Meshulash?

R. YM Tucazinsky writes in Ir Hakodesh Vehamikdash vol. III ch. 26 p. 355 that those in Jerusalem recite neither tachanun nor lamnatzeiach on Sunday 16 Adar. R. S. Deblitzky in Purim Meshulash, ch. 7 ...
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Celebrating Shushan Purim in cities outside the Land of Israel

It does not matter if the city is in Israel or not (OC 688:1).
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Bal tosif on mishloach manos

The question is based on the assumption that performing a mitzvah outside of its specified timeframe [with the intent of fulfilling the mitzvah] is a prohibition of bal tosif, as stated in gemara (...
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Bal tosif on mishloach manos

The Pri Megadim in the introduction 1:40 when discussing adding to ner Chanukah, suggests that according to Tosfos there’s no Bal Tosif if you do the mitzvah more times, and according to those who ...
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What is the halachic boundary of modern day Jerusalem in regards to Purim

The peninei halacha (zmanim 17:2) says: אמרו חכמים (מגילה ג, ב): "כרך וכל הסמוך לו וכל הנראה עמו נידון ככרך". לפיכך, לא רק במקום ירושלים העתיקה עושים את הפורים בט"ו אלא אף בכל השכונות ...
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Why do we need a separate celebration for Shushan Purim in walled cities?

The Beis Yosef in Orach Chaim 688:3 addresses both of your questions: 1) "Why do we need a separate celebration for walled cities" ואיכא למידק למה חלקו מצוה זו לימים חלוקים וקבעו יום מיוחד ...
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