The Taz is in SA 251.14, Sayif Katan 6. SA 251.14. The community authorities may use even school-funds if necessary, for the payment of the annual per-capita tax of thirty Peshitim1 to the commander of the city's troops, because it is a matter of life and death; for if they will not come to terms with him now, many poor people, not having the wherewithal to ...


The Shulchan Arukh discusses the law of one who accidentally requested rain in the summer in OC 117:2-3. He rules that if that happened in a country that didn't need rain at the time, the prayer must be repeated; however, if it happened in a country that indeed needed rain at that time, the prayer need not be repeated (but it can be repeated voluntarily).


In the old Tur there was only the text and the Bais Yosef around it. Shiras Devorah "invented" a numbering system as they assumed that the people using the Tur do so in advance of learning the Shulchan Aruch. As such the bold numbering system follows the Se'ifim in Shulchan Aruch. So if, for example, a certain section in the Tur is disucssed in Se'...

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