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In regard to your second question, the answer is that all the Avos are separate, and deserve to be mentioned separately. However, it is not possible to mention them all in the closing, so we mention the one that includes the most, which is Avraham.


As mentioned in the Rambam1, the Sanhedrin could meet to decide about whether or not to make a leap year, even for many years in advance. But they could only publicly declare it after Rosh Hashana.


The Shulchan Aruch 294:1 says that if one forgets to say Ata Chonantanu he doesn’t repeat Shemone Esrei since he will say it on wine later. Seemingly, if one already said Havdala, then for sure he wouldn’t repeat SE. Additionally, the Biur Halacha 294:1 says if one made havdala and then forgot to daven maariv entirely, it’s a machlokes if he would say it at ...


I think there's a pasuk that begins and ends with almost every letter combination, even though some aren't in the siddur. I found a few options online for helping with pesukim for names that aren't in the siddur: This website has a list of pesukim by first and last letter, including ones that aren't in the siddur:

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