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it was a great challenge for ester to actually not have mercy on him and children due to the sin of shaul hamelech her zaide and she had to fix that also see targum how on way to hang him he raised with mordechai a raukuss that he should kill him by sword 🗡 to no avail yet chazal say they both almost failed so really it’s part of the ness that they ...


Yes, it is permitted to skip in Pesukei deZimrah, just like in tzibbur, since davening with Netz is compared to davening with tzibbur (according to some opinions even better). Source: Ishei Yisroel 13:7 (currently available for free here), quoting Zeh HaSulchan 1:52 (currently available for free here).


The Amidah is said from the perspective of the Jewish people/congregation, as it begins "velokai avoseinu", and as is indicated in other brachos as well ("hashiveinu avinu lsorasecha","tekah bshofar lcheiruseinu","hashivah shofteinu"). Thus in the brocha of refaeinu the 'us' in 'Heal us...', is referring to the Jewish people just as it is throughout the ...

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