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"Melody of Kriat Shema'" What does this mean?

It can mean one of two things: A) The chazzan and the congregation should pray in some sort of tune. Each Jewish community has its traditions for these tunes. If you're behind the congregation, trying ...
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How could the words עשב בשדך run together?

The source for the Shulchan Aruch's examples is the statement of Rava recorded in Berachot 15b. So what we really need to know is how these consonants were pronounced in fourth century Mesopotamia. R. ...
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What Does the Rambam Mean by ותלמודו (Laws of Shema 1:2)?

"Studying Him" This is Chabad's translation (Rabbi Touger). It is a teaching of Chabad (and others, but not necessarily universal) that the purpose of studying Torah is to study Hashem. He ...
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