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Why should one have marital relations as if forced by a demon?

I can't see that your point 4 hasn't been answered with the most basic answer - the gemara's answer: ואמרתי לו: מה טעם? ואמר לי: כדי שלא אתן את עיני באשה אחרת, ונמצאו בניו באין לידי ממזרות. And I ...
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Medium Consultation For Gentiles

From the fact that the gentiles were driven out of Israel for performing those deeds seems to indicate that it is forbidden to them דברים י"ח:י"ב (יב) כִּי⁠ תוֹעֲבַת י"י כׇּל⁠ עֹשֵׂה ...
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