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This is the subject of a machlochet. Poskim debate the analagous case of water gathering on top of leben (a thick Middle Eastern dairy product somewhere between yoghurt and cream cheese in consistancy, often known in English by its Arabic name, "labne"). Shemirat Shabbat Ke-hilkhata (3:20) rules that this water is psolet ("bad") being ...


In Genesis, the seventh day of creation was the first Sabbath. Ever since then, every seventh day has been a Sabbath.


Ask your LOR if this question is relevant but assuming there is a prohibition in garbage being thrown into a garbage truck (muktzah, no eruv etc.) if someone already paid but the city council chooses to send their workers on Shabbos it would seem like their coming on Shabbos is no different from any other case of hiring a non-Jew to do something and he ...

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