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From a website The Shidduch Site lists the following segulahs for finding a shidduch. Recite all of Shir HaShirim every day for forty days (preferably after chatzos, or before sunrise) Daven for 40 consecutive days at the Kotel (see below) Recite from Nishmas Kol Chai (נשמת כל חי) until the end of of Shabbos Pesukei D'Zimrah (פסוקי דזמרה) at the Kotel, at ...


I've seen in a couple seforim hakedoshim that learning mesechtas kesubos is a segulah for a shidduch.


Aside from all the practical recommendations (davening, networking, expressing sincere gratitude to shadchanim both in word and deed - consider paying them for each date since they are busy for so many people and worked to find someone for you), Rav Chaim Kanievsky says that the mitzva of shliuach haken, sending away the mother bird, helps particularly for ...

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