A group of Chassidim which originated in Satu Mare, Romania known for their zealous adherence to tradition, Bikkur Cholim organizations and their Anti-Zionist philosophy. Some have said they are the largest Chassidic group in the world.

Satmar Chassidim are known for their strong adherence to tradition. The group was founded by Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, known by the name of his sefer as the Divrei Yoel, in Satu Mare, Romania in the early 1900's.

Rabbi Teitelbaum was the second son of the Kedushas Yom Tov, a Rebbe of Siget. Their Chassidic tradition comes from the Chozeh of Lublin.

Satmar today has been estimated to be the largest Chassidic group worldwide. It is predominant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY and in Monroe, NY.

As a group many of their cultural practices adhere closely to those of their Hungarian origins, and include a strict education in Yiddish and distinctive clothing.

Their size and very conscious effort to be distinct from those around them mark them as distinctively Jewish in many people's mind. Outsiders often incorrectly conflate various different Chassidic groups, especially those with a strong presence in Williamsburg, with Satmar.

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