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How do we reconcile the 2 burial places of Rachel?

In Tosefta Sotah 11:7 the verses from Genesis and Samuel are discussed. It is concluded that the prophet Samuel meant that the group of prophets that Saul will meet are right now near the tomb of ...
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Are there Answers for Objections to Saul's Reign Length?

You are correct that Seder Olam (the earliest work of Jewish chronology, presumed to date from the second century CE) does assign only two years to Saul's reign, and a number of later bible ...
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Here I am- how did Moshe know that it was G-d calling him?

Short answer is in Derech Hashem 3:3:1 Hashem decreed further [than natural intelligence] that a much higher intellect than this should be made available to him [man] - this is the intellect that is ...
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Dovid and Natan

The Baal Shem Tov said that. See: The Baal Shem Tov says that this dialogue between Dovid HaMelech and Nosson HaNovi is exactly how it will happen to each of us in the World of Truth. We will come ...
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How to refer to chapters in Shmuel Bet if one doesn't wish to use the Christian system of division

The split happened with a greek translation in the ancient era, The Encyclopedia Judaica (1971), says: "Originally a single unit, the Septuagint and the Vulgate divide the book in two, titling ...
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Did God's prophecy against Eli fail?

If you read the Metzudos Dovid there, he says the term "זקן" is not a reference to old age but actually a position of authority, and thus Hashem was telling him that no-one in his family ...
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What does it mean that Doeg the Edomite was "detained before the Lord"?

Rashi, on this verse tells us that נעצר לפני ה'- who remained before G-d (or "detained before the L-rd" means that he tarried before the Tent of Meeting to engage in the study of Torah. A ...
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Why did God send Dovid to Hebron specifically?

Useruser6641 already mentioned it, but the Zohar offers a mystical explanation as to why G-d said to Dovid that he needed to go to Hebron. The Zohar (volume 1, p. 79b) says that the reason why G-d ...
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