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Why does Rambam say "gentiles marriages' are not recognized" in Melachim uMilchamot, Chapter 8, verse 3?

The Lechem Mishneh explains that although it is generally forbidden to have relations with the wife of a gentile, nevertheless being that regarding a “Yefat To’ar” the Torah refers to her as a “...
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Milchemes mitzvah in Shoftim according to Rambam

I believe Rambam is clear a to why they are in Sefer Hamitzvot, Mitzvah 187: היא שצונו להרוג שבעה עממין שישבו בארץ כנען ולאבדם, שהם שורש ע"ז ויסודם הראשון. והוא אמרו יתעלה החרם תחרימם. ובאר לנו ...
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Does the fact that G-d rewards and punishes show that there must be free will?

The same Rambam explains that yes, reward and punishment is a consequence, but it's not a consequence of nature, but a consequence of Hashem's Justice. השפט כל הארץ לא יעשה משפט Shall the whole world'...
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