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Sefer Hayashar Chelek Chiddushim

Here it is I assume you found this sefer before, just the order of the sefer is confusing. It starts with seder nashim, and only ...
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Shema or sefira which comes first

The Biur Halacha 489:1 seems to indicate this would be a machlokes; אחר תפלת ערבית - כתב בספר מור וקציעה בטעם דסופרין אחר התפלה משום דבדורות הראשונים היה המנהג להתפלל ערבית קודם הלילה ובסיום המעריב ...
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Which Rishonim held of shkia/tzeis according to the zman of Rabbeinu Tam?

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman in his book Torah Chazal & Science, pg. 345, footnote 143 writes: ... Rabbeinu Tam's view was endorsed by the Ramban (Toras HaAdam in Kisvei HaRamban, Jerusalem: Mossad ...
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