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Can one rely on Rabeinu Tam's shkia for Rabeinu Tam's Tefillin?

Per Machon Aliya Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg Zatzal would put on Tefilin Rabbeinu Tam between Shekiya and the Zeman of Rabbeinu Tam. הגרח"פ שיינברג זצ"ל שנהג להניח תפילין במשך כל היום, ...
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Which Rishonim held of shkia/tzeis according to the zman of Rabbeinu Tam?

Rabbi Moshe Meiselman in his book Torah Chazal & Science, pg. 345, footnote 143 writes: ... Rabbeinu Tam's view was endorsed by the Ramban (Toras HaAdam in Kisvei HaRamban, Jerusalem: Mossad ...
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Why is 'Rabbenu Tam' called Rabbenu Tam?

In addition to WAF's answer, which is definitely correct, we need to add one thing. There were many rabbis named יעקב who did not get called תם (R. Yaakov of Orleans, R. Yaakov ben Yakar and others). ...
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How does one tell the difference between Rash"i and Rabbeinu Tam tefillin shel yad from their exteriors?

With regular sized tefillin I am not aware of any exterior difference between a Shel Yad according to Rash"i and one according to Rabenu Tam. With small ones (called Pitzponim) where you wear two ...
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Did Rabeinu Tam wear Rashi Tefilin?

R Yisroel Reisman in his book Pathways of the Prophets asks a very similar question (p. 413) regarding the source of the dispute between Rashi and R Tam, specifically how could such a dispute have ...
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tuft of hair distinguish Rashi / Tam tefillen

You are referring to Shulchan Aruch OC 32:44 קְצָת שֵׂעָר זֶה צָרִיךְ שֶׁיֵּרָאֶה חוּץ לַבָּתִּים. A little bit of this hair needs to be visible from the outside of the compartments. The SA ...
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Sefer Hayashar Chelek Chiddushim

Here it is I assume you found this sefer before, just the order of the sefer is confusing. It starts with seder nashim, and only ...
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Did Rash"i hold like the Gr"a or like Rabbeinu Tam?

This is not an issue just of the Gra. The time of the Gra and the Alter Rebbe is called zman haGeonim because is based on the shitta of the Middle East Geonim. Rabbeinu Tam is based in the great gaon ...
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Two tefillin dispute: Rambam, Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam, what are we missing?

You asked: What is the strongest argument that you use for yourself as solid argument that we do really need second tefillin? I would suggest it's the Shulchan Aruch in סימן לד that says: ב יְרֵא ...
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Shema or sefira which comes first

The Biur Halacha 489:1 seems to indicate this would be a machlokes; אחר תפלת ערבית - כתב בספר מור וקציעה בטעם דסופרין אחר התפלה משום דבדורות הראשונים היה המנהג להתפלל ערבית קודם הלילה ובסיום המעריב ...
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How many blessings for Rashi and Rabeinu Tam tefillin?

The Shulchan Aruch (O.C. 34:2) brings down the halacha: Preferably, he should wear both the Rashi and the Rabbeinu Tam tefillin simultaneously (as shown here). Next best thing: he should don the ...
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How many blessings for Rashi and Rabeinu Tam tefillin?

Assuming the second pair is Rabeinu Tam the accepted minhag is NO BROCHO. The question of time would only be with your "regular " tefilin and say in the middle of Shachris you had to do carpool... and ...
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How does one tell the difference between Rash"i and Rabbeinu Tam tefillin shel yad from their exteriors?

On the shel yad no you can not tell Rashi and Rabbenu tam, but lots of sofrim make the Rabbenu tam Bayis smaller than the Rashi so you can tell
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Can one follow Rabbeinu Tam time for beginning Shabbos?

Yalqut Yosef - Qizur Shulhan `Arukh (Orah Hayim 261:6) states (my translation): הדבר ברור שאין להקל ח''ו לעשות מלאכה אחר השקיעה שלנו, שכבר פשט המנהג כדעת הגאונים, וחס ושלום לפרוץ גדר ולהקל כשיטת ...
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