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Where is this Piyut from?

The lines come from a piyut named ometz gevurotecha hifleita bapesach (or uvchen va’amartem zevach pesach) composed by R. Elazar HaKalir (often assumed to have lived in the 6/7th centuries CE) and ...
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What is the order of the Great Hallel (Hallel HaGadol)?

The Alshich (quoted as a commentary to the link you posted) provides an explanation, but you have to first read the verse before the penultimate one to understand it. The verse before says ויפרקנו ...
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What is the order of the Great Hallel (Hallel HaGadol)?

The Gemara in Pesachim 118A says that the entire point of this psalm is to extol The kindness of Hashem, that he provided sustenance to the world for 26 generations until the Torah was given: אָמַר ...
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Sidur de nusaj sefardi occidental - Western Sephardic Nusach Siddur

(Spanish below) There is a version of the Patah Eliyahou siddur (see link below), which is the most popular Sephardic siddur in France, published in Hebrew only. It includes both Western and Eastern ...
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