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A search using Sefaria seems to yield 110 instances of "נא" distributed in 97 verses in the Pentateuch ("נא" appears more than once in several verses, such as Genesis 47:29) including 64 verses in Genesis, 13 verses in Exodus (not including 12:9 where the meaning is "raw", regarding the paschal offering), 18 verses in Numbers, and two verses in Deuteronomy. ...


There's a joke that it is always worth predicting what's going to happen anyway! The Torah does not "predict" antisemitism, the Torah (e.g. Deut. 28:64-66) says that G-d Himself promises to use it as a tool for reprimanding the Jewish nation that goes off-way for any reason. According to those versions, A.S. does not arise on its own, but G-d makes ...


If you're curious to see what all-Hebrew or bilingual Hebrew-English chumashim look like, peruse the sample pages of different chumashim available at websites like this one, which will give you a complete visual of how a page of a serious chumash looks


According to this Wikipedia article: https://he.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/פירוש_רש%22י_לתורה (Under ״מפרשי רש׳י) The writer of ikar siftei Chachamim is anonymous, but it was first printed in Vilna (widow and brothers Romm) printing press in 5635 (1874/ 1875).


This is technically an answer (it's a contemporary source), but... The Yalkut Reuven here is quoting directly from שלשלת הקבלה. The original source can be found here (bottom third of the page). The problem is that the if you look at the beginning of the paragraph, it's prefaced with the follow disclaimer: "האומות אומרים" That is, שלשלת הקבלה is ...


No, the Torah Codes have no merit. There are two core issues: 1) Statistical Improbability - On the surface it does seem to be highly improbable to find hidden "codes" through the use of Equidistant Letter Sequencing" (ELS). The issues is that these same "miraculous finds" have been duplicated using Moby Dick. 2) ELS Coding only works if the text is 100% ...


No. The Torah codes and any books about them are fruitless as the Torah text has been changed by many translations. True, that these are small variations and only instances where one letter might have been changed. But by default, if just one letter is changed, it messes with the entire process and forfeits any codes which might have otherwise been derived. ...

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