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Strange that Rachel held onto Lavan's idols and did not throw them out

In this related answer, I showed that the answer to your question is rather controversial in the commentaries, and no answer is totally clear. One of the thrusts in the commentaries (Rashi, Rav Hirsch ...
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Yitzchok being Menachem Avel Yaakov

He did. Refer to Bereishis Rabbah 84:21 which says expressly that in front of Yaakov, Yitzchak cried etc. but in private carried on as usual knowing that Yosef was still alive: וַיָּקֻמוּ כָל בָּנָיו ...
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Yitzchok being Menachem Avel Yaakov

This feature appears to be in the Hebrew too. The final sentence, it is unclear who "his father" and "him" are. It could be Yaakov and Yosef but it could also be Isaac and Yaakov, ...
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Yitzchok being Menachem Avel Yaakov

If one holds that Genesis 35:8 also signifies Rivka's death, then Rivka died when Yaakov reentered Israel. When Joseph "died", Isaac would have been very old and blind and unable to make the ...
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Seeking copy of Torah in Ktav Ivri (Paleo-Hebrew) Here is a copy of the Samaritan Torah in their form of Hebrew. Maybe this will interest you. Talmud Sanhedrin 21B shares the view that the ...
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Seeking copy of Torah in Ktav Ivri (Paleo-Hebrew)

In (my own), there's an option to view the pesukim in כתב עברי in the Tanach Viewer and Parsha Viewer features (see Help screens here and here on how to accomplish this). Another way ...
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Rashi with sources in context

There's Chumash Rashi Ha'Shalem by Mosdot Ariel (link). Also available on Otzar Hachochmah. Here's an example of one page:
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