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Zeicher vs Zecher

Essentially, a mistaken edition of the Radak was popular for a short time, leading to various changes by overzealous grammarians and confusing two very influential rabbis. See the extensive (hundreds ...
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Parshas Zachor when one can't get a Minyan?

The Rama 685:7 writes that one should still read it with its correct tune. הגה: ואם אי אפשר להם לבוא, מכל מקום יזהרו לקרותם בנגינתם ובטעמם (מצא כתוב). The Kaf Hachaim 685:35 writes one should read ...
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How do we erase the memory of Amalek?

R' Samson Raphael Hirsch sees the "זכר" (translated in the question as "memory") that needs to be erased as not simply the memory of the historical fact of Amalek, but the ...
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Parshas Zachor before Purim?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky was asked if the generation that fought with Amalek would be obligated in Parshas Zachor every year ,he answered in the affirmative.
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Are there any kometz katans in the maftir for parashas zachor

Yes, the only ones are in כׇּל and מִכׇּל.
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Nature of the minyan for reading Zachor

If six of the ten men have not yet heard Zachor they certainly must say berachos. This is no different that on a Monday or Thursday when some people come to shul only for mincha (such as when they ...
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Being Mekayem a zecher

(Disclaimer that I have no sources for this, rather that I am disputing the basis of the question) Whenever we have a specific mitzva which is also included in the mitzva of talmud torah, such as ...
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Have women accepted Zachor on themselves?

I'm sorry this is not a very satisfying answer (least of all to me). But it's too much for a comment, so here goes. "Latter-day authorities oblige women to listen to Parashat Zakhor, since the ...
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Regarding Amalek, Was King Sha'ul weak or blind?

Based on the Malbim's explanation to this chapter. Shaul and Shmuel were looking at this campaign from different angles. Shmuel- based on Hashem's command - had in mind to destroy Amalek totally and ...
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