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If a Jew accepts Shabbat early, is something new which came into existence then nolad

Great question! In no way am I paskening anything, please your LOR about this question: The intro: The major case where nolad is discussed is in Beitza 2a (and onwards) which discusses a case of a ...
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Why not recite a beracha when taking off tefillin

Since the Shulchan Aruch 29:1 writes that we do not make such a bracha. The Mishna Berura (1) explains that in Eretz Yisrael(Yerushalmi) they held that one must remove their teffilin before nightfall ...
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Is wearing a Fanny pack considered carrying

See Peninei Halakha [Wearing Clothes Is Not Considered Carrying] (partial extract below) "One may put on his clothes, shoes, and hat, and then enter a reshut ...
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Why no Avinu Malkeinu on Hoshanah Rabbah

B"H "According to traditional kabbalah, Hoshanah Rabbah is analogous to Yom Kippur in the sense of being a day of final judgment for the year, my question is why isn’t Avinu Malkeinu part of ...
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Are women obligated in stepping before and after the Amidah

There is nothing saying she is not obligated to. It's hard to prove a negative, but I just haven't seen anything indicating that. The difference between men and women is usually in categories of ...
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May Jews remove nose hair or eyelashes during Sefirat Ha’Omer

Refer to this respons at Essentially the minhag not to cut hair applies to all hair of the body and not only to facial hair. However it is permitted for a woman to tweeze unsightly ...
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Should Jews make Birkat Ha’ilonot on hydroponic fruit trees

According to Machon Hatorah VeHaAretz the חיי אדם considered hydroponic growth as not being "earth based" and said the Bracha on their produce is Shehakol. Some later Poskim do consider them ...
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