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Generally, the conflict in chabad is over publicity of the Rebbes Messianic title, not the truth of it(David Berger in fact records the names of many of the movements “anti” leaders who stated they believed the rebbe is moshiach even after gimmel Tammuz). I’ve rarely met a chosid who says the rebbe cannot be moshiach and never said anything of the kind in ...


Hoshea ben Nun (later changed to Yehoshua) and Hoshea ben Beeri were both prophets who had the same name


The Talmud [Megillah 14a] says that the number of prophets in Israel was twice the number of Israelites who left Egypt. If you count only the men, that's 1.2 million. If you count everybody that's 6-8 million. There aren't that many Jewish names. Therefore, it is overwhelmingly likely that at least two prophets had the same name. (The Talmud adds that ...

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