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Is all mankind suppose to reach the level of the Tzadick

Gershom Scholem (Kabbalah, p. 347) wrote: In the Bahir it is stated that transmigration may continue for 1,000 generations, but the common opinion in the Spanish Kabbalah is that in order to atone ...
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Are there still anti-Kabbalah Orthodox Jewish movements?

There are several contemporary (or recently deceased) rabbis, with followings, that express anti-kabbalistic attitudes and ideas. I'm not so sure that I would go quite so far as to call them formal &...
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What is Judaism's take on Kabbalah?

Welcome to MiYodeya. Here is the standard view of Kabbalah as understood by most Orthodox Jews. Judaism is a divine religion: it was taught to us by an All-Knowing G-d far beyond our comprehension. ...
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