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In Shoftim, on witnesses and courts, Deut. 19:15 about 2 witnesses needed, the masters of the mishna quote "the walls of his house and the members of his household". The walls of his house are the walls of his heart." Then Hezekiah turned his heart to the wall and prayed to Gd." Yeshayahu 38:2 The sternum and top 2 ribs around the collarbone are referred ...


No there are no explicit sources. In fact Rav Saadia Gaon in Emunos V'Deos explicitly rejects this concept and considers it a non Jewish concept. The Rashash in the back of the gemara in Bava Metziah 107 brings an indication from that gemara against concept of gilgulim. (This does not mean other do not hold of the concept, in fact many Rishonim ,and even ...


Rav Yisrael Taplin(Sefer Halichos Chaim pg.77:219) asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky this question ,and Rav Chaim answered that it is mutar(permitted). It should be noted that in Shu"t L'horos Nosson 10:132,133 writes that one should be careful even by pictures.


The dispensation to practice Kabalah Maasis (Practical Kabbalah) via Sefer Yetzira is codified in Shulchan Aruch (YD 179, based on Sanhedrin 57b). The Shach there (:18) quotes the Levush who states: [The reason this is permitted is because] they are Holy Names, and Hashem gave them the ability to be able to perform things through the pious and prophets. ...

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