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Did Pharaoh know Moshe was Jewish?

The book of Jasher states that Balaam iterated to Pharoah when Moses grabbed his crown and put it on his head at age 3, that Moses was Hebrew. He said to Pharaoh "see, I told you Hebrews would ...
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When Did Moses Receive the Torah

This is not at all “the most ignorant question ever asked on this site”. Indeed, there is no simple universally agreed answer. Rabbi Anthony Manning has given several series of lectures on the topic. ...
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Did Moses' face shine forever until his death?

Rabbeinu Bahya holds the opinion that due to the spiritual level Moshe Rabbeinu was on, his face shined even after talking to G-d: והנה קרן עור פניו, “and behold! the skin of his face had become ...
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