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Different Smart/Sport Watches on Shabbat

I have now looked at this in detail, the overwhelming consensus of decisors is that it is not permitted to wear a smartwatch on Shabbat. I would note that since the question was written most of today'...
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Scam baiting in Halacha

It's permitted for tzaddikim to out-swindle swindlers. שרי להו לצדיקייא לסגואי ברמאותא עם רמאי Sefer haMidot - Emet #4
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Is it permissible to carry around an air tag or tile tracker on shabbos?

I believe since everything the airtag/tile does is completely not discernible to the naked eye i.e. you can not see it doing anything, there is no problem on Shabbos as a result of the electronic ...
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