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When I'm sick during the winter (happens a lot unfortunately), I daven vasikin at home. I use the myzmanim + cell phone clock method, but also have a window nearby with the shades open. I've noticed that there's a substantial variation in the amount of light at sunrise, depending on the weather. If it's cloudy, it can be pretty dark outside, even when the ...


The simple answer is that the entire discussion about the moon appearing like the sun is not literal. It is simply a teaching aid, and a model that is referenced in another area of the Torah. That if this idea of using allegorical models and paradigms is confusing, think about how chemistry is taught in school. Complex discussions of molecular structure, ...


My understanding of the Kitzur's ruling is that the default (or 'null' - hat-tip @Double AA) state is to recite v'ten bracha. V'ten tal umatar is a mandated addition to the amidah during a certain season. (See this question and its answer for support for this assertion.) The season starts the first weekday arvit on or after December 4th/5th (in the Diaspora)...

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