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My Uncle - a world sought-after Taharos posek - recommended that I start with Mesechta Taharos.


Just to add on a little bit to @Alex's answer. First of all, there are known to be two Tosefta's: One from the Tanna R' Nechemyah (learned straight from R' Akiva), which is not the same as the Tosefta we have in the back of our Gemara. The one in the back of our Gemara is the Tosefta of R' Chiya (the first of a number of R' Chiya's). Regarding R' Nechamya'...


The Talmud in Sanhedrin 33a states: רב ששת אמר כאן שטעה בדבר משנה כאן שטעה בשיקול הדעת דאמר רב ששת אמר רב אסי טעה בדבר משנה חוזר טעה בשיקול הדעת אינו חוזר א"ל רבינא לרב אשי אפילו טעה בר' חייא ורבי אושעיא א"ל אין אפילו בדרב ושמואל אמר ליה אין אפילו בדידי ודידך א"ל אטו אנן קטלי קני באגמא אנן R. Shesheth said: Here it treats of a case where he [the ...


I have several suggestions. This is a Gzeira. Which means it does not actually add heat. But if these are allowed, someone may end up using live coals. If the sun was baking any of these items like sand or salt all day long, the sand and salt are indeed hotter than the pot of food and can cook the food by adding heat. Thanks Josh

-1 has an integrated English translation of Bartenura in the Mishnah translation

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