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For those who prefer a printed page, this is the the list in the back of the printed Mishnayos Zecher Chanoch on HebrewBooks.


My code to generate this list in python from the Sefaria API: import collections, requests, json masechtos = ['Berakhot', 'Peah', 'Demai', 'Kilayim', 'Sheviit', 'Terumot', 'Maasrot', 'Maaser Sheni', 'Challah', 'Orlah', 'Bikkurim', 'Shabbat', 'Eruvin', 'Pesachim', 'Shekalim', 'Yoma', 'Sukkah', 'Beitzah', 'Rosh Hashanah', 'Taanit', 'Megillah', 'Moed Katan', '...


Interestingly R Sherira Gaon was asked a very similar question by the Rabbis of Kairouan (see his Iggeret of R Sherira Gaon): why are the tractates arranged the way they are? What for instance does Kippurim (Yoma) come before Shekalim or Succah before Yom Tov (Beitzah)? R Sherira Gaon answers that Rebbi (who composed the Mishna) did not lay down a ...

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