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I read this story in an essay from R. Schechter entitled ‘Ego and Humility in Torah Study’: During the Second World War, when the students of the Mirrer Yeshiva were traveling for a week and a half on the transcontinental railroad towards Vladivostok, there were non-Jewish passengers traveling on the same train. One of the Polish non-Jews on the train ...


Pretty sure my zeida told me they kept two days (of Yom Kippur) due to the safek, but on the second day they would eat less then the shiur, spaced apart, because at that point it was a question of pikuach neffesh due to the heat.


Rabbi Naftoli Kaplan lived in Baltimore and was a Rebbi in Yeshivas Ner Israel before moving to Israel. I was a talmid of his there in the 60's. While I can't recall if I ever witnessed him reading English, I assume he certainly can read English as he lived in the US. Kol Tuv


His father is Rabbi Naftali Kaplan big tzadik. he used to give a shiur at ohr somayach in jerusalem. lives in bayit vegan. teaches somewhere else now. very busy and difficult to speak to. he has a fax. dont have the number though you can try to contact Rabbi Nissan Kaplan through the email at the site. although he does not use email nor read english!. his ...


Artscroll has a book called The world that was: Lithuania which has a section on Mir.

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