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I am convinced that the Bible always, not just sometimes, exaggerates numbers to make an impact. I think the total number of Israelites that left Egypt with some Egyptian spouses were far less than 600,000. Rabbi Gil Student acknowledges that there is zero evidence, none, to support the theory of mass-exodus. At best he estimates 600k or blind faith if you ...


I strongly recommend reading the following source — especially R’ Schwab’s opinion. I first heard R’ Schwab’s opinion from an elderly talmid chacham in my community whom I have great respect for.


G-d neither needs nor wants sacrifices, and only allowed it because people in ancient times felt differently. It is a concession to human needs. The Rambam also states that this is not only his view but is the view of the prophets. 

We can add that the ancient rabbis around 70 CE when the temple was destroyed also felt that sacrifices were unnecessary. ...

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