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Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz talks about this in Techumin vol 13. He goes into it a bit (fire/nolad/מתקן מנא), and ultimately concludes that he doesn't see any reason for this to be assur and then explicitly permits it for soldiers/emergency lighting.


Chacham Ben Tzion Abba Shaul in his Ohr L'Tzion 1:29( unfortunately Hebrewbooks does not have the first chelek) brings a bunch of reasons to be meikel by a colored soap in the toilet. Its not able to dye something else, it gets displaced very quickly ,one doesn't want to dye with it, and it is a psik reisha dlo nicha lei compounded with a koach kocho(...


The Rivevos Ephraim 7:104:2 was asked about a stick light(glow stick) which have two main concerns. Is there an issue of fire here and is there an issue of nolad. The questioner believes that there is no fire aspect ,and is only concerned for he issur of nolad. The Rivevos Ephraim answered that it should be mutar in cases of emergency since nolad is not ...


Even according to the Noda B'Yehuda, he uses the term chashasha kala, which implies that he agrees with the Chazon Ish.

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