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If there is no PHYSICAL change, it's ok. This Camera Obscura does not make any physical change, and it just letting the light pass in.


The Aruch Hashulchan Orach Chaim 337,5 brings down that the main problem with sweeping the crumbs is because of Mashve Gumos i.e levelling the ground which is the melacha of building on the bare ground. Though today since all houses have parquet floors there is no issue of levelling the ground so one can use a broom to get rid of crumbs on the floor, and a ...


On the Hebrew Wikipedia entry for Borer, several opinions are cited for those of the opinion that Borer does not apply by non-food items (see footnote #7): 1) מהר"י עייא"ש בשו"ת בית יהודה - Mahari Ayash in "Sheilos v'Teshuvos Beis Yehuda" 2) האור שמח בפירושו על הרמב"ם - Ohr Sameach in his commentary on the Rambam 3) See Sefer Minchas Yaakov 2:...


Newer dimmer switches work by a computerized circuit: pushing the switch causes a circuit board to relay to a motor to adjust the resistance on the wire, where more resistance translates to a dimmer light, and vice versa. Other models involve applying electric currents through a coil, which moves the resistor. These would clearly be a problem whether you ...


In the "Chol Hamoed" book by R' Dovid Zucker & R' Moshe Francis, they discuss a similar question that was posed to The Debreciner Rav (Rav Moshe Stern). Rav Stern (page 195-196, teshuvah #56) is quoted as saying: Question: Is it allowed to write something that's not necessary for Yom Tov via a number machine (ie "a calculator" ), and this is a ...


In the Artscroll book "Chol Hamoed" by R' Dovid Zucker & R' Moshe Francis, this issue is discussed and a few opinions are cited. The Debreciner Rav (page 76, footnote 61) says that if a person should refrain from taking a vacation during the summer if taking said vacation would force him to work during Chol Hamoed due to him having no more vacation days....

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