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I used to hear about tearing for food on Shabbos too many years ago. I once heard Rav Yisra=oel Reisman in his Navi shiur say that people are mistaken when they say that "you can tear on shabbos for food". He said that on Yom Tov we have ochel nefesh but on Shabbos he has no idea when such an erroneous popular idea came from.


According to Rav Ovadia Yosef, one would indeed be permitted to continue a course of antibiotics or any course of medication one had started taking prior to Shabbat. This article on Rav Ovadia Yosef's ruling quotes Hagaon Harav Shlomo Kluger as stating that since one had begun the course of medication beforehand, there is no concern of having to prepare ...


In Gittin 8b The Gemora says a person may not ask a Gentile to write on Shabbos (or do any Melacha) except for writing a contract buying land in Israel then and there for fear of losing oppurtunity - כותבין עליו אונו ואפילו בשבת בשבת ס"ד כדאמר רבא אומר לעובד כוכבים ועושה The Mishna in Shabbos is specifically talking about asking the Gentile before Shabbos ...

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