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What is the source and context of the requirement for “smooth” lungs free of adhesions for meat to be “glatt” kosher?

Halacha prescribes one cannot eat the meat of a tereifa (based on the Torah verse in Shemot 22:30), an animal who will die in the next 12 months. There is a dispute however as to what this means when ...
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Eating meat on Hannuka?

I don't know the source but there is a German custom to call the last night of Chanukah "Chanukas HaMizbeach and have a big yontif type of meal and serve meat and latkes. The traditional type of ...
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What's the source of a custom not to eat meat at seudo shlishis?

I can't find the source but I recall hearing that we (by we I mean Ashkenazim) don't eat meat at seudah shlishis because David HaMelech died on Shabbos afternoon. I believe that some Yemenites have a ...
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