The Zohar that’s referred to is in Parashat Mishpatim 125a which talks about eating meat and milk בשעתא חדא, which can be understood as “within one hour of each other”.


If the pans and surface are dry and there is no food splattering this would be permissible. This is the reason you can put different types of pots on a cold clean dry stove-pot (and if it is warm it is permitted since the heat acts as libun, see Mishna Brura 451:34). If they are not dry and clear, one should clean/dry the surface before placing something ...


Rav Eliyashiv (Ashrei HaIsh page 45:25 held that if one slept for 3 hours one can eat chicken right away. However ,he notes that this leniency only applies to chicken and a sleep during night time. This would not work for meat of a beheima. He adds ,that if one ate hard cheese one can rely on this leniency even if they slept during the day time. Text of ...

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