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Is it acceptable to use matzah made for Passover of one year for the next?

The main issue in play here is the issue of מצה ישנה which is parallel to the issue of סוכה ישנה discussed in the first perek of Maseches Sukka. Relevant sources are: תוספתא פסחים ב:יג - which ...
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Making matzah at home

#NotARabbi, but there is nothing wrong with baking at home. Jews did that for centuries. Kudos for thinking this through a bit. A few tips from many years of baking at home: I suggest buying ...
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Where to Buy Soft Matzah?

I found an online source for soft matzos as below. I could not find details about a living Rabbi Mordechai Maslaton; you will need to check the supervision.
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Oats for matzah - contemporary poskim

The only contemporary posek I have heard who holds oats cannot become chametz is Rav Yitzchak Abadi. Rav Abadi is a serious posek in the chareidi world (he was a shaliach of the Chazon Ish and a ...
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Is it permissible to open a box of matzos on Shabbos or Yom Tov if necessary for the first night of Pesach?

I don't see any reason why the mitzvah of eating matzah would be docheh (override) melachah. Instead, the solution would be to rip/cut the box open in a way which renders it unusable (without ripping ...
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Does matzah have to be flat?

Matzah does not need to be flat. It also does not need to be thin. At some point and time in Jewish history people used to even draw or make designs on their matzah before baking, but this practice ...
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Does matzah have to be flat?

On the contrary! Actually, according to Minhag Chabad, the Matzos are supposed to be curved like a כלי - a vessel (hinted out in the acronym of the words כ׳הן ל׳וי י׳שראל, which spells out the word ״...
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