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Perhaps Rashi attributed the position that Tzelofechad was not the "collector of sticks" (R' Akiva's position) but one of the "Ma'apilim" who prematurely stormed Cana'an in Num 4:14 based on a source in the Midrash rather than on Shabbat 96b-97a. First, it's not clear that the Gemara in Shabbat associates this position, in particular, with R' Yehuda ben ...


Your good question tries to question the very basis of the days of repentance and Yom Kippur, which is "influencing G-d (and/or Heavenly court) to skew the final verdict". We keep saying "don't look at that", "don't judge that", "skip over the first sin, and then again", etc. THe whole aforementioned concept is rooted in the Gemmorah that you cite, which ...

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