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Etymology of קטלא (necklace, in משניות מעילה)

The Aruch says that "some" indeed explain it as related to the Aramaic root קטל, because the woman binds it fairly tightly around her neck so that she looks plump. (In a comment on the OP, ...
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How did Rashi know Ben-Temalion was a small shed (שד)?

Probably because Rabbeinu Gershom before him gave a similar definition: יצא לקראתם בן תמליון. שד הוא שקורין טיטון It is also worth noting the Sefer HaAruch, which served as a dictionary of Talmudic ...
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How were coins that were destined for the Dead Sea managed?

Israeli archeologists found a treasure of 300,000 (!) bronze coins near the Dead Sea, several years ago and Chanan Eshel z"l, a ben-Torah archeologist from Ofrah wrote about how he believes that ...
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Why is there m'ila until the ashes are removed?

The gemara in Me'ilah 9a records a debate regarding the point after which me'ilah can no longer occur to sacrificial items burnt on the altar. Rav holds that the boundary point is termumat hadeshen (...
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