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I'd think it would say she acquires herself through get or the husband's death. There would be no point of writing the Mishnah this way, because it would be redundant. We already have been told that a woman becomes unmarried via a get or the death of her husband. The Mishnah is trying to tell us how status changes are effected; the status change that has ...


(Edit: Now that I reread your question it seems your question is why by the first case (and all the other ones except the Yevama one) the word "s/he" in the words "And s/he acquires herself" is referring to the person after s/he was aquired, but in the case of the Yevama the word "she" in the same words is referring to the Yevama before she was acquired. ...


R. David Luria, ibid., suggested that R. Yehudah’s suspicion (or, precaution) may have stemmed from the fact that in his day, due to penurious conditions, it was common for multiple young rabbinic students to share one blanket (San. 20a).

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