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The Rambam's classification of angels is his own work. He does not draw on previous sources. I don't know how to prove a negative, except to say I have studied the matter in the past.


Rabbinic Jews do not believe angels have "free will" because angels are the natural forces (Maimonides). How, therefore, can rain, wind, and snow have free will?


Judaism does not believe in the free will of angels. This premise is incorrect. Some jewish sources may say this. But to say it unequivically is wrong. Some of the greatest jewish sages thought angels had free will. For example, the Rambam writes in Moreh Nevuchim 2:7 These passages show that angels are conscious of what they do, and have free will in ...


Genesis 32:4 explains that Jacob sent malachim to his brother Esau. Malachim in Hebrew means messengers, not angels. Genesis 32:23-33 tells the strange incident of Jacob wrestling with an angel. Expecting to encounter Esau the following day, he reportedly wrestled with a man until daybreak. During the battle, Jacob’s thigh is injured. Maimonides felt that ...


While the angel that appeared to Manoach and his wife to tell them of the birth of Shimshon was a messenger angel, his appearance was in a supernatural manner: There was a certain man from Zorah, of the stock of Dan, whose name was Manoah. His wife was barren and had borne no children. An angel of the LORD appeared to the woman...The woman went and told ...


As the comments mentioned, the 'samech mem' is the abbreviation for 'Samael' - the Yetzer Hara/Angel of Death/Archangel of Esav. You can find more written about it here as the article discusses The angel's prosecution of Yaakov (and the Jewish nation as a whole) The sa'ir l'azazel given on Yom Kippur which goes to the angel. The angel's role as Esav's ...

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