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Did God regret bringing the flood?

God did not regret bringing the flood at all. Those people were beyond incorrigible and enough was enough. The world was so inundated with sin and pain that, just like dirty bedsheets, it needed a ...
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Did God regret bringing the flood?

The Alter Rebbe explains this. He asks, why is the reason for bringing the flood, and the reason for never bringing it again the same? I.e. in both cases it is because man is evil from youth? The ...
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How are pre-creation >4000 BCE human civilization and pre-flood >2300 BCE civilizations that continued reconciled with Judaism?

The answer is clear that the world was created 5,783 years ago. When a person wants aged wine or anything else aged, he has to wait for it to age. Hashem however can create aged wine right away. It's ...
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