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Does a person who kills someone by accident have to go live in Chevron nowadays?

The Sefer HaChinuch writes as follows: Sefer HaChinuch Mitzvah # 410 ונוהגת מצוה זו בזמן שישראל על אדמתן וסנהדרין של שבעים ואחד יושבין במקומן המוכן להם בירושלם לדין דיני נפשות And this ...
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Changing location mid-way during Shemoneh Esrei?

The Mishna Brura 104:10 rules that a "hefsek tfila" (a pause in prayer) is only speaking and not walking. So in case of need (he speaks of danger), it is permitted to move and pick up prayer from the ...
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Must the Purim feast take place in a location where it's Purim?

During a shiur about Purim the rav (who is a musmach of Ner Yisrael and gives a chaburah there) mentioned that all the halachos of Purim follow the halachos of listening to the megillah as far as the ...
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Where was Carshina? (Borit Carshina)

Like @Shalom said in the comments it is not the name of a region but rather a type of plant / bean. Refer to the Jastrow here with all the sources linked below: I כַּרְשִׁינָה, (כַּרְשִׁינָא II) f. (...
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Migdal Bavel during the times of the Gemara?

Indeed, some rabbinic travelers identified the tower: R. Benjamin of Tudela ומשם ארבעה מילין למגדל שבנו דור הפלגה והוא בנוי מלבנים הנקראים אגור ואורך יסודו כשני מילין וברחבו כארבעי' אמה וארכו כמו ...
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If a Gett is given on condition the husband does not return what is considered "returning"?

The Gemora 76b asks regarding the case of "it should be a Get now if i don't come back here in 12 months time (same would apply with returning to where she lives in 30 days)". How can we even know ...
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When does a place become a shul w/r/t saying me'ein sheva Friday nights?

Shulchan Aruch Harav (268:15) writes: אין אומרים ברכה מעין ז' אלא בבית הכנסת קבוע דהיינו בכל מקום שמתפללין בו בעשרה בקביעות אבל מקום שמתפללין בו בעשרה באקראי בעלמא כגון אותן שעושים לפרקים מנין בביתם ...
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Where is the exact location of the Temples in Jerusalem?

One of the current summaries of this argument can be found at http://www.templemount.org/theories.html, but I don't think that is authoritative. This link will take you to the TempleMount.org web site ...

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