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Is it mentioned in the Talmud that Moses time traveled into the distant future

Masechet Menachos 29b states that Moshe Rabeinu was allowed to sit in the bais medrash of Rabbi Akivah, but could not follow the learning there. They told that when Moses went above to receive the ...
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Did Rabbis speculate on the future of Judaism?

Rabban Yochanan ben Zakkay predicted (apparently wrongly, as indicated by the context) that a future generation would change a law, declaring a loaf of third degree impurity to be pure (Sota 5:2). ...
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Would we keep religion when everyone is healthy, satiated and satisfied?

Note: This answer was posted to an earlier verion of the question. Your question seems to be based on the premises that religion is supposed to be difficult and that the purpose of religion is for us ...
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Megilas Eicha in Lasid Lavo

Yerushalmi, Megilah 1:5 (7a): ר' יוחנן ורשב"ל ר' יוחנן אמר הנביאים והכתובים עתידין ליבטל וחמשה סיפרי תורה אינן עתידין ליבטל מה טעמא (דברים ה) קול גדול ולא יסף רשב"ל אמר אף מגילת אסתר והלכות אינן ...
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What did Avrohom know about the war in Shechem (Rashi on Beraishis 12 (6))?

Ramban mentions this Rashi and says: And Rashi wrote, "He entered into it unto the place of Shechem to pray for the sons of Yaakov, when they would come from the field anguished. And this is ...
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What did Avrohom know about the war in Shechem (Rashi on Beraishis 12 (6))?

It would seem that his tefillah was to change the outcome of the war (i.e., without it, Yaakov's sons might have fared badly). In a similar vein, also about Avraham's prayers - this time "between ...
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firstborn status after the arrival of the moshiach

Great question! It is worthy to note that the source for the Or Hachaim is the Yalkut 364, but when one looks for this Yalkut its not there!? @user2709 here: Source for bechorot losing/reclaiming ...
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What is the point of revealing the end of time to Daniel only to conceal it?

Our vision of torah is limited to our own temporary mortal limitations. This same torah is being studied in heaven, and also we will receive new and deeper understanding of Torah after our redemption. ...
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Annulling future regrets

There is something along those lines for when one is on his deathbed (r"l) or shortly before it. It's called מסירת מודעה לשכיב מרע. This booklet gives several versions of the text from various ...
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How does creation of a new species of super humans align with Judaism?

Some genetic alternation is allowed (adviced, even), for avoiding unwanted traits: בכורות מה ב אמר ר"ל גבוה לא ישא גבוהית שמא יצא מהן תורן ננס לא ישא ננסת שמא יצא מהם אצבעי לבן לא ישא לבנה ...
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Question on Magog son of Yefes and Gog uMagog

Mahari Kra, Radak, and Metzudos all say that the Magog of Gog uMagog is the same nation which is listed among Yefes' descendents. (Rashi also compares the name, but it is not clear to me that he ...
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What will happen when our set calendar ends?

You stated: The general consensus was that there will no longer be any Jewish holidays. I would like to know if this correct. I don't know who you polled, but that is incorrect. One of the 13 ...
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