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The word Targum means "Translation". The previous answers are correct in that any translation of the Chumash or Tanach does qualify as a Targum. You might have meant to ask (1) are there other Targums of historic significance, or (2) are there other Targums of Halachic significance. The Halachic significance of a Targum is that it may, according ...


Misvara... From a psychological perspective, it would appear that what constitutes a language is where you have at least one or two people who think in that language. For example, the rarest language in the world used to be a Celtic language that was only spoken when 2 elderly sisters met, it is obvious that is a language and could be used for sephiras ha'...


The ישו הנוצרי, Yeshu hanotzri (not Yeshua) part is Hebrew; the rest is Aramaic: מלכא דיהדאי, malkah d'Yahadai. Some more info can be found here.


Here are a couple of videos discussing the Hebrew Israelite movement's claims from a historial perspective. I have personally debated them at some length and their Biblical arguments are very flimsy, usually referring to a verse describing dark skin. The ironic part is that said verse often mentions skin darkening due to an external cause, showing that the ...

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