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If Kol Nidre is effective, why do people do hatarat nedarim?

yeshiva.co was posed this question ("Hatarat Nedarim & Kol Nidrei") and responded: 1) The most common answer [...] is that Kol Nidrei refers to the vows of the community, while Hatarat Nedarim ...
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Why list קונם and קונס explicitly in Kol Nidrei but not other Kinuyim?

In this 19th century Nusach Sefarad Machzor with Yidish instruction, the commentary at the bottom indicates that the word קנוסי is actually reffering to a קנס - Monetory fine, that one imposes upon ...
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The Day After Yom Kippur, Does The Community Re-Excommunnicate People Who Were Excommunicated Before Kol Nidre?

On Yom Kippur we do not permit an excommunicated person to pray in the Shul. We permit an Avaryon (עבריין) to pray in the Shul. A excommunicated person is someone who is in Cherem (חרם). There is no ...
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Are unimposed or uncompelled vows (or any related synonyms) annulled by "Kol Nidrei"?

As explained in Hatarat Nedarim a person should do this as an individual in front of a bais din of three people. Hatarat Nedarim – Annulling Vows Before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur It is ...
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