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The level of a High Priest

See (for example) Yoma 8b, where it is explained that during the Second Temple period the office of the High Priest was sold to the highest bidder, such that an ignorant High Priest was, unfortunately,...
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Is there a prohibition for a non-kohen to wear the clothing of a kohen?

I have not seen an explicit rule against a non-kohen from wearing the bigdei kehuna . However, based off the Rambam (Klei Mikdash 8:11) and Tosfos (Yoma 69a) it seems that a non-kohen would be ...
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Kohen Gadol Teffilin

First of all, tefillin isn't a garment. Second, it's not a garment specifically for the Avodah, so I'm not surprised it's not listed.
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Did King Achashverosh wear the Kohen Gadol clothing?

It says similarly in the Ein Yaakov on the Gemara; בהראותו את עשר כבוד מלכותו ואת יקר וגומר אמר רבי יוסי ברבי חנינא מלמד שלבש בגדי כהונה ונתעטף ועמד כתיב הכא את יקר תפארת גדולתו וכתיב התם (שמות כח ב) ...
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