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Yamaka or Yarmulke is actually a contraction of Yareh MiKah - יָרֵא מִקָה - i.e. to fear Gcd, the purpose of covering one's head, originally. Say Yareh MiKah a few times in succession and it will start sounding like Yamaka or Yarmulke. For some reason, Yarmulke became the "official" way to say it. Compare to the etymology of Goodbye - from godbwye (1570s), ...


According to Wikipedia, 'Yarmulke' is pronounced 'Yamakah'. Which means that Yamakah is a misspelling of Yarmulke.


Rav Dovid Feinstein can be seen wearing his yarmulka on in his tefillin straps: Video :https://youtu.be/Jd7hxgmqYQA In Sefer Daas Noteh, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, in footnote 15, notes that it may not be correct to have one's hat resting on one's actual tefillin shel rosh, but writes that it's not actually forbidden from din since its needed for tefillah. So ...

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