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War for economic reasons

Rabbi David Bleich addresses this in his Contemporary Halakhic Problems, Vol III: It may well be the case that preemptive war undertaken in order to prevent future attack is justified as a milḥemet ...
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War for economic reasons

It is justified. We see (In Brachot 3b) David gives his ministers the advice to go to war to bring Parnassah. Then they confirmed with the Urim and Thumim. Since we know that King David never sinned (...
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What is the traditional exegesis of the Davidic Promise in 2 Samuel 7

Malbim in his commentary says: וכן הגם שהכסא יופסק לפעמים בעתי הגליות בכ"ז לא יופסק לעולם... (my translation) and even though the Jewish kingship will be interrupted during the times of exile, ...
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Who is THE LORD and who is my lord?

'The LORD' is Adonai. 'My lord' is the psalmist's human master. Rashi gives the traditional interpretation that David was speaking of Abraham: Our Rabbis interpreted it as referring to Abraham our ...
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