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Definition of the Written Law

The Gemara in Kiddushin (30a) says that a father is obligated to teach his son "mikra, not mishnah." Rava there says "mikra" means "Torah." Rashi explains that this means ...
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Why does Rabba bar Mari in the Talmud quote Ben Sira as a part of “the Writings” when it is not in the Ketuvim section of the Tanakh?

Excellent Question! As far as I can tell, this was first asked by the Geonim (Teshuvos Hageonim Sha'arei Teshuvah 121, according to this article, it was asked by R' Nissim Gaon to R' Hai Gaon, and ...
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Definition of the Written Law

Here an anonymous source sheet for one of the maggidei shiurim in that Yeshiva quotes the Radbaz (שו"ת מכת"י ח"ח סימן י) as saying that it applies to all Torah, Nevi'im and Kesuvim. The Mordechai (...
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Neviim and Ketuvim in 1-2 volumes

There is a very nice option from Koren Publishers with the commentary of R Steinsaltz, which is a digest of all standard commentators (e.g., Rashi, Radak, Metsudat David). The commentaries are ...
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How could Ruth do yibbum if she converted only after her husband died?

Since all of Naomi's children had died, Ruth was free of the requirement of yibum and did not perform yibum with Boaz. Indeed, one of the reasons Naomi gave trying to convince Ruth and Orpah to leave ...
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How many letters are there in Tanach?

I have found an answer to my question after a long time of copying and pasting. In Tanach, there are 1,196,824 letters. This does not include Kri, but only the Ksiv. It includes the 9 inverted nuns.
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Definition of the Written Law

רמב״ם ־ הלכות תלמוד תורה א:יב ודברי קבלה בכלל תורה שבכתב הן Which the Avodas Hamelech sources: ודברי קבלה בכלל תורה שבכתב הן. קדושין מ"ט קרא אנא עד דקרי אוריתא נביאי וכתובי וכו (The ...
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Divrei Kabbalah in Maimonides' Usage

I believe that the opposite is true. In the Rambams litterateur דברי קבלה usually refers to the Torah Shebeal Pe (קיבלו במסורת) (although the Rambam view is that Halachot learned from נ''ך is in the ...
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