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Who exactly is qualified to say so and so has just experienced "the moment of death"? Nobody, in good conscience, can testify to something he or she is unsure of; therefore, the waiting period (even if less than 24 hours) before the burial is a way to be certain that one is not wrong on the issue. Isn't that simply a practicality, that Kaddish is not ...


Well, since Kadish is said by the mourners, and they are exempt from davening, they won't be in shul to say Kadish, and may not even be allowed to say it (same way they cannot daven or bentsch.) That said, at a funeral the Kadish is already said, before the burial. Also, if one has given up hope of finding somebody presumed dead (e.g. they drowned and were ...


The complete text you are quoting from Kaddish requests that G-d make peace, as in making complementing harmony, completeness and perfection (שלמות) both in the Heavens above and below, upon us. That part of the revelation of G-d's unity is the complementary harmony between the angelic realms (במרומיו, Shamayim, Heavens) and what it influences below in the ...


"עושה שלום במרומיו"... G-d created myriads of good angels and myriads of bad angels, all in Heaven. Those are pro-Semitic and others anti-semitic - can you imagine what's going on there? So G-d makes peace between all His servants in Heaven and everyone behaves. I wish He did the same on the Earth too.

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