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Introductory sefer on Gematria?

You might like Rav Dovid Feinstein's Seasonings of Torah - weekly divrei Torah based on gematrias. The blurb reads as follows: Enter the world of deep Torah insights through the eyes of Hagaon Harav ...
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Introductory sefer on Gematria?

Another gematria book available at Amazon Behold!: The Art and Practice of Gematria by Bethsheba Ashe Bethsheba Ashe is a fifty one year old tea-drinking cryptographer who broke the gematria ciphers ...
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What are some good modern-era books on Hilchos Shabbos in Hebrew?

The tremendously clear Sefer Zachor VeShamor by the late Rabbi Eliyahu Falk, which is hugely popular in the English-speaking world, is in the process of being translated in Hebrew. I believe the first ...
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