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Rashi with sources in context

There's Chumash Rashi Ha'Shalem by Mosdot Ariel (link). Also available on Otzar Hachochmah. Here's an example of one page:
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Does anyone know from which book this excerpt comes from?

I've just discovered that this excerpt is from the book The Story of Our Lives: An Epic Quest For The Soul of Our Tradition by R' Yaakov Klein.
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Are the stories from Chashukei Chemed real?

Rav Osher Weiss has stated in public that many of the cases are theoretical and never happened. I personally think that is obvious based on the nature of the questions he deals with.
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Who is the author of this book - Sefer Maayan Moshe

R' Shatz has undertaken to no longer publish this sefer. In it's stead he released Tarshish Shoham Veyashfeh which is an updated and revised version.
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Content of the various sets of Chabad books

Likkutei Sichos is a collection of select essays on specific topics in Torah, written up by a committee of chassidim, based on talks by the Rebbe over the years and edited by him. They were originally ...
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Pocket-size Tehillim with trop

The Koren Tehillim Lev Avot series comes in a compact/pocket size. See a sample page here - (there is a short introduction but if you jump to p.10 of 12 you will see the print with the trop) - see ...
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